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In an older post, I was sharing key data points from our SharePoint EBS externalization solution based on Metlogix StoragePoint v2 with MOSS 2007 to an EMC Atmos cloud storage, the whitepaper is available on EMC website.

This time around I wanted to share a more recent use case delivered by our Unfied Solutions Engineering group based in RTP, NC. They have put an EMC Unified NS-480 storage to the test with various BLOB storage configurations using StorgePoint v3 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The solution used three storage configurations: 1. No externalization 2. RBS on FC disks  3. RBS on SATA. Also used point-in-time snapshots managed by Replication Manager to protect the entire environment (BLOB store, SQL metadata, configuration, search etc.)

The graph below displays the comparison of the three configurations in terms of overall throughput measured in Requests Per Second (RPS).

From the results we conclude that when the baseline configuration was compared with BLOB externalization on FC disks, there was an overall increase in the SharePoint farm throughput by roughly 50% for the three different user profile mix tests. This proves that moving BLOBS from SQL content databases to a dedicated file system created on FC disks increases the I/O performance of the files and the overall throughput of the SharePoint farm.
When the baseline configuration was compared with the BLOB externalization on SATA disks (which are slower than FC disks but of higher capacity), there was ~10% increase in the throughput for 80/10/10 and 70/05/25 profiles and an 8.5 percent decrease in the throughput.

Now I have to admit, mileage may vary, depending on the object count, size and user activity but the general idea is that the larger the BLOB the more reasonable is it to externalize it with a very good chance for performance improvement but no guarantees there!

May I also mention the CPU overhead involved with externalization. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, SharePoint in general really likes CPUs……

The CPU utilization of the Web and Application servers remained relatively constant with or without BLOB externalization. However, SQL server CPU utilization was higher with BLOB externalization enabled.

For more details you can actually download the document directly from EMC website.

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