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Hi all,

I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but hey, there’s just a lot to do at EMC aside from blogging 🙂
Anyway, just returned from a very short visit to the gambling capital, Vegas. I was presenting EMC solutions for Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. The room was packed, and this is a good sign!
There were two other conferences taking place at the same time in Vegas, one was the Pool and SPA which seems to be very interesting but less glamorous than the annual SEMA conference. but hey, it all doesn’t compare to SharePoint connections 🙂

In the 75 minutes slot I had, I was talking about how SharePoint 2010 is now even more demanding and more scalable than before. The aspects and considerations for virtualizing SharePoint server roles. How Storage Virtual Provisioning (VP) makes sense. Tiering in SharePoint using EBS and/or RBS with EMC storage, also discussed some of the best practices for SharePoint capacity and performance planning. And finally touched some of our capabilities for SharePoint farm availability(yes, lots of virtualization involved to achieve that!) and protection (Backup and DR).

It was quite a lot to cover in one presentation but I tried to address the most current capabilities EMC brings to the table, especially with all of our integration testing at Proven Solutions group.

I just thought you might find this material useful, so I have attached the PowerPoint deck. if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.





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Hello and welcome to SharePoint in the Private Cloud.

If you were wondering why “Private” or what does “Cloud” mean in the IT world, let me put it this way:

Wake Up!

Private Cloud is real! some would call it the Virtual Data Center, but you must admit that “Private Cloud” rolls off the tounge in a cooler, trendy way 🙂

Seriously now, with EMC and Microsoft technologies you can deliver IT infrastructure as a service over a private cloud, to build a flexible and efficient virtual infrastructure. It means that you can deploy applications like SharePoint when and where you need it. You can also leverage public cloud providers for on-demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to bridge your private cloud to external public clouds, creating a hybrid cloud.

That’s about it for the opening post, I will get right down to the technical stuff in the next one. stay tuned.


Eyal (Pronounced A-yal)

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